Home Technologies MTN Welcome Back 2024: Swap & Reactivate Your SIM Card Stress-Free!

MTN Welcome Back 2024: Swap & Reactivate Your SIM Card Stress-Free!

MTN Welcome Back 2024: Swap & Reactivate Your SIM Card Stress-Free!
MTN Welcome Back 2024: Swap & Reactivate Your SIM Card Stress-Free!

How to Do Welcome Back Yourself. MTN Welcome Back 2024: Swap & Reactivate Your SIM Card Stress-Free!. Nigeria’s Guide to MTN Welcome Back: Swap & Get Back Online ASAP!

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MTN SIM Swap How to Do Welcome Back Yourself

MTN SIM Swap (Welcome Back) can help you retrieve the mobile number of your lost, faulty or damaged SIM as quickly as possible. With MTN Welcome Back, you can transfer your old SIM mobile number to an entirely new SIM.

We know and understand, how much of a hassle replacing, swapping or upgrading your SIM can be. This is why we have decided to make it simple with some of these basic steps to remember.

When you should do a Welcome Back

    • If your SIM card is faulty
    • If it is damaged, stolen or lost
    • If it is obsolete (but eligible for replacement or an upgrade)
    • If it needs to be upgraded to the 4G or 5G network

Any other legitimate reason or condition apart from those above.

Requirements for MTN Welcome Back

    • The phone number must be registered
    • Your National Identity Number (NIN)/NIN Slip
    • Provide CORRECT responses to Key personal details below;
        • Date of Birth
        • Mother’s maiden name
        • State of Origin
        • Last Recharge Date
        • Last Recharged Amount
        • Four (4) Frequently Dialed Numbers.
    • You will be required to purchase a new SIM Card, where the phone number of the old, lost or damaged SIM Card would be transferred.
    • You are also required to complete The SIM REPLACEMENT (Welcome Back) FORM and provide all the necessary information needed.
  • After you have the required documents and details, visit any MTN store nearest to you for a SIM Swap.
  • It will be processed within 2 hours after a Swap request is initiated.

Proxy SIM Swap Requirements

You can also authorize another person to perform the SIM Swap on your behalf. The following are mandatory documents alongside other subscriber and proxy details:

    • Subscriber’s valid Photo ID – NIN ID and International Passport Data Page (if requesting service from outside the country).
    • Affidavit by Court or Notary public, detailing reason for proxy request.
    • Proof of Ownership- SIM Pack/eSIM QR Profile or Affidavit in the absence of SIM Pack/eSIM QR profile. (one affidavit can be used for proxy request & absence of proof of ownership).


Please Note:

    • Your Proxy must be an existing MTN customer for more than 30days and with a valid NIN.
  • Your Proxy must not have stood in as a proxy for another customer within the last 90 days.
  • Your Proxy should visit any MTN store with hardcopies of listed documents and signed request letter.


Welcome Back Offer is an offer that rewards customers that spent at least 60 days on the MTN network and have not performed any chargeable activity in the last 15 days or more with the following:

  • A recharge voice and data bonus at twelve times the recharge value
  • Access to purchase special discounted data bundles

Furthermore, customers who have spent at least 60 days on the MTN network and have not performed any chargeable data activity in the last 60 days or more will also be able to purchase special discounted data bundles.

Welcome back Offer Benefits

Eligible customers will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

If you recharge between N50 to N1500 using code *161*<PIN>#, you will get 12 times the recharge value plus data bonus.

How to Enjoy the Welcome back Offer

Eligible customers can enjoy Welcome Back Offer via the following channels:

  • Recharge using code *161*<PIN>#:
  • USSD: Dial *312*65#


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